We know this collection will please you because you carefully choose each accessory in your decor. Raw materials, textures, natural fabrics, and lots of taste; all important to create the Nomad style. A refined, free spirit décor, just like you, who refuses to stay in the lines of a specific style. Your creations are intuitive, making your nest unique and harmonized.

Each piece is selected with the idea that it will traverse through time. Aged leather, seagrass, linen...the timeless and durable materials of the Nomade collection promise to fill your decor and tell the most beautiful story: yours.

In addition to the quality and undeniable attraction of the items in our collection, each piece has a purpose. A basket isn't just a simple basket; it's a beautiful way to camouflage anything that needs to be. This leaves you with a clean space completely worthy of an Instagram post.

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biago pillow

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gray ballarat throw

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