Surround yourself

Déniché was born on the belief that our decor is what reveals most about ourselves; it’s what represents us. We create our decor based on instinct, we show our true colors, and we change it depending on our wants and moods. For these reasons, we believe our decor deserves to be from objects chosen and fabricated with care.

Small finds, big hearts

The home decor you’ll find in our boutique is a work of passion and reflects the unique work of our designers and artisans. Our team is proud of each object because discovering it took time and fabricating it took heart.

Shared pride

What’s most important to us is sharing our pride. That of furnishing your space with pieces that have a story, that have character and value. We encourage you to have grit, to unleash your creativity, and to be entirely you.

Nothing is more satisfying to our team than to see the photos you share. That’s where our work makes the most sense. Clearly, our clients have taste, and especially personality!